I Don’t Understand My Husbands Attitude After His Cheating And Affair (And I Don’t Like It Either)

By: Katie Lersch:  I recently heard from a wife who wasn’t sure what made her more mad at her husband – the fact that he’d had an affair or his attitude following the wife finding out about the same.  As she described it, her husband was acting defensive and cold and only apologized once initially.  […]

How Will My Husband Act After I Confront Him About The Affair

by: katie lersch:  I recently heard from a wife who had found out that her husband had been cheating on her.  A mutual friend of the couple had come to the wife and told her that she had seen the wife’s husband at a restaurant with another woman.  The friend also said that it was clear that this was […]

Do Husbands Cheat Because Their Wives Don’t Appreciate Them?

by: katie lersch: If you spend any amount of time researching why men cheat on their wives, I’m extremely confident that you’ll read about this theory of cheating.  Many experts have been quite outspoken about their assertions that a man’s cheating has less to do with sex or his attraction to his wife and more to do with a husband not […]

Why Do We Blame Ourselves When Our Husbands Cheat Or Have Affairs?

By: Katie Lersch:  When you’re an outsider looking in, it’s hard to understand how a wife can blame herself when her husband cheats or has an affair.  Before this happens to you, you probably think it’s very clear cut that if a husband cheats or has an affair, then he (and the other woman) are […]

What Questions Should I Ask The Woman My Husband Cheated And Had An Affair With?

By: Katie Lersch: I often hear from wives who are gearing up to meet with or question the woman that their husband cheated with.  They often want to know how they should act or what they should ask her.  They often will rehearse for, plan out, and play out this meeting in their mind long […]

The Steps to Getting Over Infidelity In Your Marriage

by: katie lersch: I get a lot of correspondence from people who are trying very hard to recover from or get over their spouse’s infidelity. Most of them really do have good intentions and are doing their very best. But, for various and understandable reasons, they sometimes get stuck and just can’t seem to be […]

Does My Spouse No Longer Love Me After My Affair? How Do They Really Feel About Me?

I sometimes hear from people who have recently cheated on their spouses and who have also been recently caught. By the time they contact me, they’ve often made at least some attempt at a reconciliation or at working things out with their spouse. They are often sorry and want advice on what they need to […]

We Were Separated When My Husband Cheated? Is It Still Cheating? What Now?

When a spouse cheats when they were supposedly happily married, most people would consider this to be a clear cut case of betrayal. But what happens if the spouses are separated and one of them is intimate with someone else? Is this still considered cheating? Is the recovery process the same? These questions recently came […]

How Do I Convince My Husband That The Woman He’s Cheating And Having An Affair With Is A Gold Digger And Only Interested In Money

I sometimes hear from wives who ask for advice on how to get their husband to see how stupid he is acting when he’s cheating or having an affair. They want him to wake up and see how silly and how embarrassing his actions truly are. I recently heard from a wife who felt this […]

Trying To Get Your Husband To End His Affair Or Choose You Over The Other Woman? These Tips Might Help

In a perfect world, as soon as you found out about your husband’s affair, he would fall over himself apologizing and outlining how he was going to banish the other woman from his life. He would make promises to make this up to you, regain your trust, and ultimately to save your marriage. This isn’t […]