Why Do Men Cheat On Their Pretty Wives Or Girlfriends?

I get a lot of emails from women (wives and girlfriends) who are reeling from shock after they’ve seen the woman that their man cheated with.  Often, I hear comments like: “she isn’t even that pretty.  She certainly isn’t his type.  She’s a touch overweight and sloppy.  In fact, she’s downright ugly. Not to toot […]

What Is Necessary To Forgive Infidelity, Cheating, Or An Affair?

I often hear from spouses who have decided that they really do want to forgive infidelity, cheating, or an affair, but they are typically having a hard time with this.  The intentions are often there, but despite their best efforts, they just don’t seem to be able to really forgive. I often hear comments like […]

A Long Term Affair Or A One Night Stand: Which Is Worse For Your Marriage?

I’m actually asked this question quite a bit.  Wives whose husband had a long term affair often tell me that they wish he’d had a quick fling or a one night stand instead.  I often hear comments like “I think I could accept this more if he’d had a one night stand.  At least then […]

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