Should I Let My Husband Move Back In While I Think About What I Want To Happen After His Affair?

by: katie lerch: I often have wives contact me and ask about the best course of action while they are evaluating what they want to happen after their husband’s affair.  This can be a tricky situation, especially when or if you’re being pressured by your husband.  I recently heard from a wife whose husband was […]

I’m Afraid To Ask My Husband If He Still Loves Me After His Affair

by: Katie Lersch: For whatever reason, one of the biggest concerns that many wives have after their husband has an affair is how he feels about them afterward.   Even when wives are seething and furious at him (and devastated by his betrayal,) many worry (at least somewhere deep inside) if his infidelity means that he […]

How Do Most Men Feel About The Woman They Had An Affair With After The Affair Is Over?

by: katie lersch: I often hear from wives who spend a great deal of time worrying about the woman that their husband had an affair with.  It’s not at all uncommon to develop a sort of unhealthy obsession with her.  And, while we’re developing this preoccupation with her, we often assume that our husbands are […]

Does A Husband Think His Wife Is Stupid For Staying After He Cheats Or Has An Affair?

by: katie lersch: The decisions that you have to make after your husband cheats or has an affair are often grueling. And perhaps none is as quite as difficult as deciding if you’re going to stay or go.  Taking inventory of how you really feel and what you really want often is not quite as […]

Why Wives Stay After Their Husband Has An Affair

by katie lersch: Much of the correspondence that I get on my “surviving the affair” blog is from wives whose husbands have cheated. But on occasion, I also sometimes hear from “the other woman,” the mistress, or the person who had a relationship with a married men.  The correspondence is quite varied.  Some of the […]

My Husband Had An Affair And We’re Giving Our Marriage Another Try, But He Feels Uncomfortable Around Me

by: katie lersch: I often hear from wives who are trying to save their marriages after a husband’s affair but who are running into some issues as they go along. I recently heard from a wife who was very sincere about doing everything in her power to ensure that her marriage recovered. She was still […]

I Constantly Compare Myself To Other Women After My Husband’s Affair

by: katie lersch: I often hear from wives who are having serious self esteem issues after their husband has an affair. Many no longer feel attractive, sexy, or self assured. Many admit that they constantly compare themselves to other women. Sometimes, this means comparing yourself to “the other woman”  (meaning that you are comparing yourself […]

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