How Do I Stay Calm After My Husband’s Affair?

By: Katie Lersch: I think that it is fair to say that finding out about your husband’s affair is probably one of the worst things that many of us can imagine. It can cause, pain, panic, and behavior that is frankly not typical of you. I’ve had women tell me that they were acting sort […]

My Cheating Spouse Is Angry That I’m Demanding We Get Tested For Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDS)

By: Katie Lersch: It’s normal and understandable to make requests or even demands after your spouse cheats. Unfortunately, not all of these requests are met with calm agreement. In fact, they can make the cheating spouse angry or defensive. One specific example is the request to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s. A […]

Is It Valid To Take Back A Cheating Husband Because You Don’t Want The Be Overwhelmed Raising Your Children Alone?

By: Katie Lersch: Like many others, I watched “True Tori” last night with some interest. I try to avoid reality TV or tabloid articles, but I knew that I might get emails about this and I wanted to be informed. I watched this show with a very good friend. While we were watching my friend […]

I Can Not Get Over The Dishonesty Of The Cheating By My Husband

By: Katie Lersch: Most people assume that the thing that bothers the faithful spouse the most about the cheating is the sex with someone else. Many are surprised to learn that what is most bothersome to one person may not be the central issue for another. For some people, it is the sex. For others, […]

Why Would He Want A Baby If He Is Cheating?

By: Katie Lersch: I sometimes hear from wives who are extremely confused as to how their husband can be cheating, considering the circumstances of their lives. Many wives do not understand how a man could cheat when his marital life was going extremely well and when exciting things were happening. One such example is a […]

Can I Get Together Once In A While With The Other Person Even Though The Affair Ended?

By: Katie Lersch: Being the faithful spouse who was deeply hurt by an affair, this is going to be difficult for me to admit. But, sometimes, it’s obvious that the people who contact me and want to talk about the aftermath of their affair have real feelings toward the other person. Most of them know […]

So What Do I Do Now That I Know For Sure My Husband Is Cheating On Me?

By: Katie Lersch:  Many people assume that when you get confirmation that your spouse has been cheating, you spring into action.  They assume that this news is so disturbing and explosive that very dramatic actions are going to immediately follow. These assumptions are understandable, and sometimes, the drama does follow – exactly as expected.  But […]

Why Do Men Cry When They Confess To An Affair?

By: Katie Lerch: I sometimes hear from wives who are dealing with a confession of an affair and are wondering  what their husband’s reaction really means. Because let me be clear. Not all men react in the same way. Some men are quite indignant. Some are defensive. Some are cruel. Some are in denial. And […]

I Cheated On My Spouse And Reverse Psychology Isn’t Working

By: Katie Lersch:  People sometimes reach out to me when they have cheated on their spouse and are looking for some strategy that is going to allow them to get their spouse back or to help convince their spouse not to end the marriage.  Many believe that they have tried any number of different strategies […]

I Still Feel Like My Husband Is Lying About The Affair. I Don’t Fully Trust What He’s Telling Me

By: Katie Lersch: One of the biggest obstacles that you have to overcome when trying to evaluate or even save your marriage after your spouse has an affair is determining if you can believe his claims. Often, you truly want to believe him, but you can’t help but doubt some of what he is telling […]

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