Do Men Feel Used When Having An Affair With A Married Woman?

By: Katie Lersch:  There is a real perception that people who have an affair want to eventually end up together.  If both people in the affair are married, there’s an assumption that one day, they will leave their perspective spouses so that they will end up married themselves. This is not always the case though.  […]

Do Most People Sleep In Separate Bedrooms After One Of Them Cheats Or Has An Affair?

By: Katie Lersch:  Many of the questions that I get from wives who have been cheated on pertain to sex.  People worry that their sex life wasn’t “normal” either before or after the affair.  They are often looking for reassurance that their feelings, or their experience, is valid. An example is the couple whose marriage […]

My Husband Says I Should Not Take His Affair Personally

By: Katie Lersch:  Sometimes, I hear from wives who are dealing with husbands doing their best to minimize an affair.  The husband will usually tell the wife that this has very little to do with her.  He will tell her that a man’s needs and a man’s duties as husband are often at odds with […]

I Can’t Decide If I Want To Stay With My Cheating Spouse. I Keep Changing My Mind

By: Katie Lersch:  Things can feel very heightened and immediate when you find out about your spouse’s affair.  Because this is so painful, it’s normal to want a quick resolution.  You don’t want to feel this bad forever, so you can feel a little bit of pressure to make a swift decision in order to […]

My Husband Says If He Really Wanted To Be With The Other Woman, He Would. I Don’t Know If This Should Make Me Feel Better Or Worse

By: Katie Lersch:  Sometimes, when we are having yet another conversation with our husband about his affair, what we are really looking for is reassurance.  We don’t always come right out and ask for this reassurance though. Instead, we ask more questions about the affair, hoping that our husband’s answers are going to indicate that […]

My Husband Cheated On Me With His First Wife Or His Ex. What Does It Mean?

By: Katie Lersch:  I sometimes hear from people who are absolutely shocked at the identity of the “other woman” in their husband’s affair. One reason for their shock is that they already know this woman.  Because she is the husband’s first wife.  And she is a woman that they never thought they would have to […]

My Husband Said His Affair Gave Him Confidence

By: Katie Lersch:  It’s very common for a cheating husband to justify the cheating by telling himself (or his spouse) that the cheating made him better or enhanced his life in some way.  This can be very hard for the faithful spouse to take because it can be obvious to them that these enhancements are […]

I Could Almost Get Over Or Forgive The Affair. It’s The Lying I Can’t Tolerate

By: Katie Lersch: It’s very common for a person to chose one thing about their spouse’s affair that drives them particularly crazy or is the deal breaker above all others. For some, it is the fact that your spouse had sex with someone else. For others, it is the lack of character that this actshows. For […]

What Are Men Thinking When They Start An Affair? Here Are My Theories On What They May And May Not Be Thinking

By: Katie Lersch: One of the biggest mysteries to wives after a husband’s affair is what was his thought process right before (or right as) he made the horrible, life changing decision to cheat. Many wives will attempt to solve this mystery by asking their husbands directly about his thought process.  This often isn’t very […]

I Don’t Feel Like My Normal Self After My Spouse’s Infidelity. I Feel Like It’s Changed Me In Very Negative Ways

By: Katie Lersch:  There’s no question that it can feel as if your life has been altered if your spouse is unfaithful.  You feel like the world you knew no longer exists – if it ever did in the first place.  Things look different because you are seeing them through a different lens.  Things feel […]

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