My Husband Cheated And Doesn’t Know What He Wants. How Long Should I Be Forced To Wait In Limbo For Him To Decide?

By: Katie Lersch: It would nice if the spouse who was having an affair always had a solution in mind once he got caught. It would give the faithful spouse a lot of reassurance if it was immediately clear that the cheating spouse wanted to save the marriage. This isn’t always the case though. Sometimes, […]

My Husband Won’t Give Me What I Need After His Affair. He Won’t Even Try

By: Katie Lersch: Often, by the time the faithful spouse decides that they might be open to their cheating spouse at some point in the future, they have well defined conditions that must be met. They are usually pretty honest about these conditions. Examples of these are that the cheating spouse must go to counseling, […]

I Can’t Get Over The Fact That He Chose The Other Woman, Even If He’s Now Saying He Wants Our Marriage Back

By: Katie Lersch: In some marriages that have been marred by an affair, there comes a time when the husband has to chose between the other woman and the wife. The wife is usually hoping that he will do the right thing and chose her. This doesn’t always happen though. It’s often assumed that once […]

Why Won’t My Husband Stop His Affair When He Says He Wants To Save Our Marriage?

By: Katie Lersch: Nothing is as frustrating and as hurtful as finding out that the husband who is begging you to save your marriage after his affair is still reaching out and staying in contact with the other woman. This can leave you wondering which one is pursuing the other, if he is out-and-out lying […]

How Often Do Affairs Start Up Again? How Can I Make Sure My Husband’s Doesn’t?

By: Katie Lersch: I wish I could tell you that every person I hear from is well on the way to saving their marriage after their spouse’s affair and, has found the process relatively easy. That’s not the case, though. Most people discover that recovering from an affair is hard. And one of the biggest […]

Do People Repeat Their Family History When It Comes To Cheating Or Having An Affair? Why ? Does It Truly Run In Families?

By: Katie Lersch:  I sometimes hear from people who are dealing with the recent discovery of their spouse’s infidelity.  Once the shock begins to wear off just a little, you start to question what might have motivated your spouse to cheat. One motivation that is hard to ignore is that of a family history.  Many […]

My Spouse Says She’s No Longer Attracted To Me After I Had An Affair

By: Katie Lersch: Many people expect for their spouses to see them differently after the affair is found out. And I can tell you from experience that this is very true. You struggle with the knowledge that the person you thought you were married to is not who you assumed him to be. Many people […]

How Can Someone Actually Propose After Having An Affair? What Now?

By: Katie Lersch: Most of the time, when you get the marriage proposal that you have been waiting for, it’s a time for relief and celebration. It should be one of the most exciting times of your life. Unfortunately, this can all be negated if you fear that you got the proposal because your significant […]

Reasons Why Affairs Don’t Usually Last

By: Katie Lersch:  I get a good deal of correspondence from wives who are hoping that their husband’s affair fails miserably.  These wives are typically looking for statistics that are going to give them reassurance that the affair is ultimately going to end and go up in flames. Someone might ask: “my friends are telling […]

My Spouse Won’t Have Sex With Me Anymore Because I Had An Affair

By: Katie Lersch:  Sex is often a huge source of conflict after an affair.  It can be awkward.  It can be infrequent.  Or, in some cases, it can be nonexistent. This can be because the cheating spouse feels that they don’t have the right to ask for sex or they don’t want to push it.  […]

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