Why Would My Husband Willingly Admit To Cheating Right Away?

By: Katie Lersch: Often, when you suspect your spouse of cheating, you feel a horrible sense of dread. You worry about how awful the confrontation is going to be. And you fear that your spouse is going to deny it, leaving you unsure as to how to get him to confess. There are times, however, […]

My Husband Is Angry At My Reaction To His Emotional Affair. How Do We Get Past This?

By: Katie Lersch: Sometimes, when one spouse discovers that the other has acted inappropriately, all hell breaks loose. Fury reigns. The faithful spouse is so mad that she can barely function. And the cheating spouse is sometimes shocked and taken aback by this anger. The anger can be so strong that both people are kind […]

My Friends Say My Husband Left Me After His Affair Because He Is Ashamed. Are They Right?

By: Katie Lersch:  It’s extremely hurtful and frustrating when you learn of your husband’s affair.  This is compounded when your husband leaves because of this.  Because even if you aren’t sure if you still want him at home, it still stings because it feels like a rejection.  And he is not always forthcoming about why […]

I Cheated And My Spouse Is Moving On. I’m Filled With Regret

By: Katie Lersch: Most of the people that I hear from who have cheated on their spouse express remorse. They know that what they have done is wrong. And they feel quite uneasy at the thought that their mistake could cost them so dearly. Frankly, sometimes it takes them being faced with losing their spouse […]

I Want To Send A Letter To The Other Woman One Year After I Caught Her With My Husband. I Want Her To Know We’re Doing Great.

By: Katie Lersch: Often times, wives are well aware when they are approaching the anniversary of catching their husband cheating or having an affair. Many can tell you the exact date and time of day that this occurred. And many have definite opinions on their progress between that day and the present time. Some wives […]

Does An Affair Really Make Life Happier?

By: Katie Lersch:  Some people realize that something is suspicious with their cheating spouse when that same spouse is suddenly acting overly happy or gleeful.  This isn’t surprising because many cheating spouses will tell you that the affair changed their happiness level dramatically – which is why they can believe that it is so hard […]

My Husband Says That He Feels Pressured About The Affair. He says That Me And The Other Woman Are Pulling Him In Opposite Directions

By: Katie Lersch:  When people are actively involved in an affair, very few of them ever stop to consider what is going to happen when the affair is found out.  Most of them like to think that discovery is never going to happen.  Because they fantasize that this is all going to work itself out […]

My Husband Is Trying To Make Up With Me After His Affair. He Won’t Listen To Me When I Say He Just Might He Wasting His Time

By: Katie Lersch:  Over time, it has become my opinion that, generally speaking, men who are caught cheating generally fall into two categories, at least in terms of their reactions when they get caught. The first type will be very obvious about the fact that they are sorry and that they want to somehow retain […]

I Want To Shame My Spouse By Telling His Friends And Co Workers About His Disgusting Affair

By: Katie Lersch: It is extremely normal to be tempted to want revenge after you find out that your spouse has cheated on you. It often feels as if he has gotten to commit this horrible act while you have to pay the price. You have to feel the hurt, the humiliation, and the shock, […]

My Husband Cheated And He Just Doesn’t Care

By: Katie Lersch:  In the initial days and hours after you find out about your spouse’s affair, you may too angry, too shocked, and too raw to have any expectations of how either of you should act.  But after the reality has a little time to settle in, we all want to see some sort […]

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