Why Doesn’t The Other Woman Understand My Pain?

By: Katie Lersch: I hear from a lot of wives who have a noticeable focus on the “other woman” in the affair.   We know that this isn’t always healthy, but we can’t seem to help it.  It’s common sense to know that we shouldn’t spend a lot of time thinking about or, worse, communicating […]

My Spouse Wants To Have A Baby After He Cheated

By: Katie Lersch: A lot of spouses who have been caught cheating are extremely interested in “starting over” or “wiping the slate clean” when it comes to their marriage. And you can see why this would appeal to them. The sooner they are able to place the focus on the new and improved marriage, the […]

When I Ask My Cheating Spouse If He Wants A Divorce, He Won’t Answer Or Talk About It

By: Katie Lersch: As if dealing with your husband’s affair isn’t bad enough, the uncertainty about what is going to happen next can be very hard to deal with. Sure, you may not even be certain that you want to stay married, but the idea of a divorce might be something that you don’t want […]

I Don’t Want To Even See My Husband After He Cheated. The Sight Of Him Would Hurt And Make Me Angry. But Everyone Says I Can’t Avoid Him Forever

By: Katie Lersch:  Many wives describe the anger that they feel when finding out their husband cheated as being unlike any they have ever known.  They are so mad that they don’t even trust themselves to be in their husband’s presence.  They are quite sure that they are going to do or say something that […]

After My Husband’s Affair, I Found Myself Always Insulting My Spouse To Take His Ego Down A Notch

By: Katie Lersch:  It’s absolutely normal to feel furious and spiteful after you find out that your spouse has had an affair. It’s normal to want to hurt them as much as they have hurt you.  But, when you get into the habit of constantly insulting your spouse, then you may open up a door […]

My Spouse Finally Admitted That He Stayed With Me After The Affair Because Of The Kids Only

By: Katie Lersch: It’s normal to have doubts about your spouse’s motivations when they chose their marriage after an affair. Did he choose you because the other woman broke it off? Did he choose you out of guilt? Because of the kids? Very few of us believe that he chose us simply because we are […]

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