We Had A Good Marriage. So Why Did He Need To Cheat And Have An Affair?

I sometimes hear from wives who are particularly floored to find out about their husband’s cheating or affair because they felt they had a good or happy marriage.  Many people are under the impression or assume that affairs or cheating just don’t happen in happy marriages.  They assume that if a husband is unfaithful, that […]

What Can I Do To Make My Husband Think His Mistress Is Cheating On Him?

By: Katie Lersch:  I can’t think of many things that are quite as hurtful as knowing your husband has relationship with someone else, and – worse – is in no hurry to end it.  He will often claim that he loves both women and can’t bear to let one go.  Needless to say, many wives […]

How Should I React When My Husband Announces He’s Leaving Me For The Other Woman

By: Katie Lersch: It is a very hard thing to process when your husband is having an affair. Often, all you can do is take things day by day and wait to act until things become more clear. However, when your husband takes this a step further and announces that he is leaving you for […]

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