Will My Husband See His Mistress Again After The Affair Ends? How Can I Keep This From Happening?

by: katie lersch:  I often hear from women who are very reluctant to trust their husband again after his affair.  One major issue that frequently crops up is the husband seeing, thinking about, or being with the other woman again after the affair has supposedly ended.  Usually, the husband will deny that this is going […]

My Spouse Regrets His Emotional Affair. Does This Mean That It Won’t Turn Into A Physical Affair?

By: Katie Lersch: Many people believe that an emotional affair is not as damaging as a physical one. But, wives who have dealt with husbands who have cheated emotionally might stage a good argument that this is not the case. In fact, a very common excuse that a man who has been physically cheating on […]

Do Married Men Have Sex With Their Wives While Having An Affair. If So, How Do They Pull This Off?

By: Katie Lersch:  From the correspondence that I get, I find that there is a perception that a man who is cheating on his wife will stop having sex with her.  I sometimes get letters from “the other woman” asking me if she should believe a husband who claims that he isn’t being intimate with […]

I Don’t Understand My Husbands Attitude After His Cheating And Affair (And I Don’t Like It Either)

By: Katie Lersch:  I recently heard from a wife who wasn’t sure what made her more mad at her husband – the fact that he’d had an affair or his attitude following the wife finding out about the same.  As she described it, her husband was acting defensive and cold and only apologized once initially.  […]

My Spouse Won’t Completely Commit To Our Marriage After His Affair. He Just Wants To Observe What Happens

By: Katie Lersch: Once you begin to open yourself up to saving your marriage after an affair, you want reassurance that you are not going to leave yourself vulnerable for no good reason.  You want to know that there is a good chance that this risk to your heart is all going to be worth […]

My Spouse Wants More Sex Since I Caught Him Cheating. I Don’t Want To Give Him Any Sex At All

By: Katie Lersch:  One of the most common problems that crops up after a spouse has been caught cheating is that of sex.  There are many issues that surround this.  Often, both people have a hard time resuming their sex life.  The faithful spouse may be so turned off by the thought of it and […]

Should I Feel Guilty For Kicking My Husband Out After He Cheated?

By: Katie Lersch:  Occasionally, I hear from women who are being judged for their reaction to their husband’s cheating.  Many wives don’t really want to be around their husband immediately after the cheating is discovered, so they ask him to leave for a while. Of course, when this news gets out, there are people who […]

My Husband Came Home And Apologized After His Affair But He Insists That The Relationship Was Justified

By: Katie Lersch:  Many people assume that a wife who catches her husband cheating is not going to have any reservations whatsoever about kicking him out of the house and beginning her life without him in it.  Although I absolutely understand any wife who wants to do this, this course of action is not universal. […]

I Agreed To Forgive My Cheating Spouse, But Instead Of Being Grateful, He’s Mean And Distant

By: Katie Lersch:  Sometimes, when you are not the faithful spouse, you think that forgiveness is easy to come by.  Friends, family, and even the cheating spouse can all think that if the faithful spouse can just find it in her heart to forgive, then everyone can move on. Many people think that forgiveness is […]

I’m Worried I Forgave My Spouse Too Soon After The Affair. I Feel That This Has Made Him Overconfident

By: Katie Lersch:  Almost as soon as you learn about your spouse’s affair, “forgiveness” is a word that you might hear over and over again.  Your spouse might beg for you to forgive him.  Your friends and family might ask you how you will ever be able to forgive such a betrayal.  Or, you might […]

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