How Do Men Rationalize Or Justify Their Affairs? What Are They Thinking?

By: Katie Lersch: There is a conception that married men cheat more often than married women. But, the statistics do not bear this out. Women cheat just as often as men. But in my opinion, men are better able to rationalize their affair than are women. Wives who cheat tend to confess more (at least […]

I Want To Show My Husband What Type Of Destruction His Affair Caused

By: Katie Lerch: It’s very normal to struggle to get your bearings after your spouse’s affair. Even if you are normally someone who can roll with the punches and handle challenges quite well, you may suddenly be surprised to find yourself in a place where you’re struggling to function like you normally would. Some women […]

My Affair Made Me Realize What I Had. And Now I’m Afraid To Lose It

By: Katie Lersch: There is a perception from folks who had never had to deal with marital infidelity that people who cheat or have affairs aren’t really all that sorry (except for when they have been caught) and don’t really learn the moral lesson that they should learn. Although I used to have a lot […]

We’re Trying To Work Things Out After My Husband’s Affair, But He Is Not Affectionate. Is This Normal?

By: Katie Lersch: If you are a wife who is struggling to find her way after her husband has cheated on her, I feel that you and I are somewhat kindred spirits.  I feel pretty certain that I have some understanding of how you feel and I’d be pretty comfortable guessing that one of your […]

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