How Can I Make The Other Woman Regret Having An Affair With My Husband? I Want Her To Feel Deep Regret?

By: Katie Lersch: When you are dealing with a cheating spouse, you are often hoping that the two guilty people in this scenario feel deep regret. You want your husband to feel these things because you want for him to end the relationship and vow never to cheat again. You may not care if the […]

How Do I Help My Husband Process His Feelings After His Affair?

By: Katie Lersch:  It is very common for a husband who has just been caught in an affair to get somewhat flustered.  He’s often overcome and somewhat overwhelmed with many emotions all at once.  Sometimes, this comes on top of struggles that lead him to have the affair in the first place.  As a result, […]

I Have A Hard Time Kissing My Husband After The Affair. I’d Almost Rather Have Sex With Him Than Kiss Him

By: Katie Lersch: It’s not unusual for me to get correspondence that has to do with sex after the discovery of an affair. Not surprisingly, the sex can be difficult or awkward. Sometimes, though, it isn’t actually the act of the sex that is the biggest difficulty. It is the intimacy that goes along with […]

My Husband Became A Mean, Spiteful Person Since Having An Affair. He’s So Angry All Of The Time

By: Katie Lersch: It’s not uncommon for faithful spouses to complain that their cheating spouse has become a different person. Very common phrases used to describe him are: mean, sullen, distant, and cold. This can be true even if he was a loving, affectionate person before. People often assume that the husband is angry because […]

Why Would The Husband Choose The Wife Over The Other Woman?

By: Katie Lersch:  Most of the correspondence that I get comes from husbands or wives who are dealing with an affair within their own marriage.  Sometimes though, I hear from the “other woman” or the “other man.” Much of the time, this person is very disappointed because they feel as if they have been lied […]

What Are Some Ways To Hold Myself Accountable After Cheating On My Spouse?

By: Katie Lersch: If you have made the mistake of cheating on your spouse, one of the directives that you might have heard from friends, counselors, or your spouse themselves is that you must “hold yourself accountable.” And you can really want to do this because you are willing to do anything to make up […]

How Do I Prove I Didn’t Have An Affair?

By: Katie Lersch: I don’t think that there is anything worse (at least in terms of your marriage) than knowing that your spouse is cheating on you. However, I’ve had people tell me that having your spouse think that you are cheating or having an affair when you absolutely aren’t is also miserable. For example, […]

When Do I Need To Stop Asking Questions About The Affair? When Do You Reach The Point Where You Just Need To Stop?

By: Katie Lersch: One of the most common problems that I hear about is having repetitive questions about the affair. It’s absolutely normal (and quite understandable) to want to gather all of the information that you possibly can. However, there comes a point where you get tired of asking and your cheating spouse becomes tired […]

When Do You Just Give Up When You Realize That You Can’t Get Over Your Husband’s Affair?

By: Katie Lersch: I sometimes hear from wives who are on the verge of becoming convinced that there is nothing that can be done to move on from a husband’s affair. Usually, they have been trying to recover for months, or even years, and they feel that they have not been making an acceptable amount […]

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