Ever Since My Husband Had An Affair, Even Little White Lies And Small Omissions Make Me Furious And Suspicious

By: Katie Lersh:  I think that it is fair to say that, for most wives who are dealing with the aftermath of an affair, the truth becomes very important.  Many of us will insist that nothing less than brutal honesty will do.  When you have been lied to about something as serious as fidelity in […]

My Husband Says His Mistress Is His Best Friend. And Therefore, He Can’t Give Her Up

By: Katie Lersch:  A cheating husbands will sometimes give his wife various reasons that he can not possibly give up the other woman or mistress. Excuses that I’ve heard are things like: “she’s so fragile that I can’t break it off right now;” or “I’m going to break it off but I need to do […]

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