The Mistress Keeps Doing Things To Try To Lure My Husband Back And He Is Weak

By: Katie Lersch: Most wives who are dealing with the aftermath of the affair REALLY want to believe that the affair is over. This can be true even when you don’t know if you want to save your marriage. Nearly every wife wants the knowledge that the other woman is gone and out of your […]

If A Cheating Man Is Confronted By His Wife, How Would He Act If He Was Guilty? I Think He Protests Too Much

By: Katie Lersch: I find that very few wives ask their husband if he is cheating on the spur of the moment.  Many wives give this very careful consideration.  After all, no one wants to falsely accuse someone of something as serious as infidelity.  Plus, if you are wrong and you accuse your husband of […]

Our Family Has Respect For My Husband’s Affair Partner

By: Katie Lersch: It’s almost inevitable that the faithful spouse is going to compare themselves to the other person in the affair. This can be true even when they are otherwise confident and sure of themselves. It’s very normal to ask yourself what the other person had that you didn’t. This is compounded (and even more […]

Why Is He Flaunting His Affair?

By: Katie Lersch:  There is often a perception that a man who is having an affair will do everything in his power to keep his wife from finding out.  People assume that he will cover his tracks, delete his texts, and perhaps even have a separate phone for his wife and for the other woman. […]

My Family Doesn’t Offer Their Support Because I Took Back My Cheating Husband

By: Katie Lersch:  If you’ve ever dealt with infidelity, you know that it’s an extremely painful time where you need as much understanding and support as you can get.  Many people hesitate to share with others what they are going through, but if they choose to tell a select few, they do so in the […]

I’m Trying To Recover From An Affair Years Later And I Feel That This Puts Me At A Disadvantage

By: Katie Lersch:  Ideally, we all want to learn about the affair soon after it began; or if that is not possible, immediately after it is over.  We want this because it’s best to deal with the present as it is happening.  We want this because facts and memories are most accurate when they have […]

Why Do Depressed People Have Affairs?

By: Katie Lersch: I sometimes hear from people who either believe that they cheated on their spouse because they were depressed or have been told by a cheating spouse that feelings of hopelessness and depression may have contributed to the cheating. Understandably, not every one comprehends how one thing would lead to another. And some […]

Your Marriage After The Affair: Is The Intimacy Gone Forever?

By: Katie Lersch:  Even those folks who are passionate about staying married after an affair would have to admit, if they are honest, that there are doubts and worries.  Even if you are very clear that divorce is not an option and you are determined to do whatever is necessary for the sake of your […]

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