My Husband Finally Confessed To An Affair. Does This Admission Mean He Was Dumped?

By: Katie Lersch: Many wives have to deal with a lot of frustration and waiting in order to get their husband to finally admit to an affair. Some wives even have indisputable proof – and still the husband will dig in his heels, look at his wife with the straightest of faces, and insist that […]

My Husband Is The One Who Cheated. But Ironically, He Doesn’t Trust Me

By: Katie Lersch:  I would say that most everyone understands the problems that couples have with trust after an affair has damaged their marriage.  But most people assume that the trust issues are going to stem entirely toward the spouse who cheated.  Very few people consider that the cheating spouse may suddenly have trust issues […]

The Pros And Cons Of Leaving A Marriage After An Affair

By: Katie Lersch: A lot of the people that I hear from are very torn about their marriage after learning about an affair. Very few of us ever think that we will one day consider ending our marriage. But that was before we learned about the affair. And this knowledge can change everything. For many […]

My Husband Is Still Acting Like A Fool After His Affair

By: Katie Lersch:  Many people expect that a husband who is having an affair is not going to be himself, is not going to be thinking clearly, and is not going to be use good judgement.  My grandmother used to say: “there’s no fool like an old fool,” and I find this saying particularly applicable […]

Why Am I Shy About Sex With My Husband But Wasn’t With My Affair Partner

By: Katie Lersch:  I get a lot of correspondence from folks who do not understand why affair sex is different from marital sex.  Many people report feeling more free or adventurous with the affair partner.  And they do not understand why.  Even after the affair is over, many fully admit that the affair changed them.  […]

Unbelievably, My Spouse Still Loves Me After My Affair, But Now I’m Insecure About Sex And Our Relationship

By: Katie Lersch: I often hear from people who very much regret cheating on their spouse. Despite their regret, these folks are very grateful. Because they are among the lucky few whose spouse has decided that, despite the cheating, they are still loved. Many of these spouses know that they are very fortunate to still […]

Sometimes I Feel As Though I Should Have Just Ignored My Husband’s Affair And Not Confronted Him

By: Katie Lersch: There’s no question that many wives hesitate about when, how, and if to confront their husband about a known affair. I think that, at least in part, this is because most people realize that once that line is crossed and the cat is out of the bag, there is no going back. […]

How Can I Get My Spouse To See That The Affair Was Not A Real Relationship?

By: Katie Lersch:  It’s often very painful to see the affair through the eyes of your spouse, especially when he is clinging to the thought that it is “something special” or “something real” when you know that this isn’t the truth.  It’s hard to sit by and watch him fantasize about something that clearly isn’t […]

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