My Spouse Is Showing No Signs Of Remorse For Their Cheating. Is It Even Worth It To Try To Save My Marriage?

By: Katie Lersch: I often hear from people who wonder if their marriage even stands a chance after their spouse has been caught cheating or having an affair. Often, they are not seeing the behaviors and the remorse that they were hoping for. And they wonder if this omission is going to mean that they […]

My Husband Blatantly Denies Another Affair, But My Friends Say That The Word Of Cheaters Should Never Be Trusted.

By: Katie Lersch:  It is just common sense that once you have dealt with the pain of an affair, you are naturally going to be on high alert for another one.  In a way, this is unfortunate.  It’s no fun to be this suspicious all of the time.  But, with that said, it’s also no […]

How Do Men Remember Their Affair When They Look Back On It?

By: Katie Lersch:  If you are a wife whose husband has had an affair, it’s a fair bet that you want him to look back on it with negative feelings.  You don’t want him to think that there was anything redeeming or good about the affair.  You want him to see it for the colossal, […]

Why Does A Spouse Or Partner Withhold Sex After You Cheated?

By: Katie Lersch: Most of the time, the person who I hear from is the faithful spouse who is looking to understand WHY their spouse is cheating or is acting in perplexing ways after doing so. Sometimes, though, I hear from the spouse who cheated – who is also perplexed as to their spouse’s behavior. […]

How Do Cheating Husbands Behave After Being Caught? What Should I Expect?

By: Katie Lersch: Some wives literally catch their husbands carrying out an affair. They catch him right in the act. But many are actually by themselves when they put two and two together or have indisputable proof. Many have their suspicions before they actually get confirmation. But once they have it, then they have to […]

My Husband Blames Porn For His Affair. Can We Overcome This?

By: Katie Lersch: If a man was caught cheating a hundred years ago, he might tell you that the devil made him cheat.  Today, men still use the same type of excuses, but their excuses take on a new tone that fits with the time in which we live.  They will use terms like “sex […]

To Save My Marriage, I Have To End The Affair. What Do I Say To My Affair Partner? That It’s Over?

By: Katie Lersch:  Many people start an affair knowing that it is one day going to end.  I know that some people become “serious” about their affair partner and want for the affair to turn into a lasting relationship.  But from my observation, this thinking is in the minority.  Most people don’t intend to end […]

For How Long Should I Remain Separated From My Husband After He Cheated And Had An Affair Before I Take Him Back?

By: Katie Lersch:  I often hear from wives who are trying to formulate a plan to make sure that their husband is so remorseful and so desperate to get back into their good graces and save the marriage after an affair, that he will never cheat again.  To that end, many feel like they should […]

When A Husband Who Has Been Caught Cheating Says ‘What Do You Want From Me?’ What Does That Mean?

By: Katie Lersch: Once the cat is out of the bag and someone is caught cheating, there is often a period of shock and outrage.  In terms of fixing the damage, sometimes not much happens during this period.  Much of the time, very little can get accomplished because emotions run so high that all both […]

My Husband Has To See The Woman He Cheated With At A Conference

By: Katie Lersch:  Although spouses can and do meet the people who they cheat with anywhere and at any time, many of them meet the “other person” at work.  After all, most of us spend at least eight hours every day with co-workers or people who are not our family.  It makes sense then, then […]

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