Having Sex Again After Your Husband’s Affair: Tips For Making It Less Awkward And More Enjoyable

Of all the topics that come up after one spouse has cheated or had an affair, one of the most problematic is sex.  After all, it’s sex with someone else that caused the affair in the first place.  And, there may have been sexual issues in your marriage before the infidelity.  So, needless to say, this is a […]

My Spouse Doesn’t Want Sex After I Cheated: Insights That Might Help

By: Katie Lersch:  Sex can be a major conflict between a couple who is dealing with infidelity.  Understandably, having sex after knowing your spouse has cheated on you isn’t always comfortable or appealing.  This is almost to be expected when you are the faithful spouse.  But the spouse who cheated can have some difficulties in […]

What Are The Chances A Husband Will Choose His Wife Over His Mistress If He Can’t Make Up His Mind?

By: Katie Lersch: I sometimes hear from women on both sides of the affair who want some insight as to what the future might hold. Both feel that their life is sort of on hold while they are waiting for a cheating husband to make up his mind regarding which woman he wants to be […]

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