Can People Remain Faithful After An Affair?

By: Katie Lersch:  It’s probably one of the biggest concerns that I hear about after the affair (and it’s a concern that I had myself:) Can the spouse who cheated remain faithful if you give him (or her) one more chance?  Many people would ideally like to save their marriage after infidelity, but they know […]

Do Wives Regret Staying With A Husband After He Cheated?

By: Katie Lersch: What to do after your spouse cheats on you can be a very big decision. It can be a life altering decision. And like any decision where the outcome can’t possibly be known, we can go back and forth on the decision and fret about whether or not we will make the […]

My Husband Is Telling People About His Affair. It’s Embarrassing And Disrespectful

By: Katie Lersch: There is an inclination when you are dealing with infidelity in your marriage to play things close to the chest. What I mean by that is that even if your spouse cheated and you did nothing wrong, you still feel as if you don’t want other people knowing your unfortunate personal business. […]

If He Won’t Admit The Affair, Should He Be Forgiven?

By: Katie Lersch: It’s very confusing when the man that you love repeatedly denies the affair that you strongly suspect and yet asks to “move on” or requests “forgiveness.”  This can leave you wondering what, exactly, there is to forgive or to move on from? Someone might say: “I am almost one hundred percent sure […]

Should I See The Text Messages During The Affair. Would It Accomplish Anything? The Other Woman Is Offering Them.

By: Katie Lersch:   Sometimes, after the affair is over and you are trying to piece together exactly what happened, you have the opportunity to go over evidence.  Sometimes, this evidence comes from places that you wish it didn’t – like spying on the other person in the affair, who you wish that you could […]

The Married Man I’ve Been Having A Relationship With Doesn’t Want The Affair Anymore. He Is Claiming To Be Celibate And Taking A Break From Relationships

By: Katie Lersch:  Much of the time, the people that I dialog with are one part of a married couple who are dealing with infidelity. Occasionally, though, someone who is actively having an affair (or trying to keep one from ending) will reach out because they need help figuring out someone’s motivations or thought process.  […]

We Were Separated When My Husband Cheated? Is It Still Cheating? What Now?

When a spouse cheats when they were supposedly happily married, most people would consider this to be a clear cut case of betrayal. But what happens if the spouses are separated and one of them is intimate with someone else? Is this still considered cheating? Is the recovery process the same? These questions recently came […]

My Husband’s Lover / Other Woman Wanted Me To Know About Them So I’d Leave My Husband And It Worked. Now I Regret It

By: Katie Lersch: No matter how you find out about your spouse’s affair, this event was likely very painful. I’m sure that all scenarios of discovery are excruciating. However, I can think of few scenarios worse than being told by a smug “other woman” that your husband is not only cheating, but cheating with her, […]

How Do You Reconnect With Your Husband After He Cheated?: Hint, You Don’t Place Your Sole Focus On Reconnecting

By: Katie Lersch:  Not every one wants to throw away their marriage after an affair.  Some people actually decide that they want to at least give their marriage a fair chance to be saved.  There are many reasons for this.  But here are a few.  Often, there are other people that must considered.  When you […]

A Letter To The Husband That Is About To Cheat

By: Katie Lersch: Many wives indicate that they have a strong feeling that their husband is tempted to cheat on them. Maybe he has admitted to having feelings for another woman. Maybe the wife has eyes and she can see a very inappropriate relationship forming. Or maybe the husband is honest and tells her that […]

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