Am I Just Supposed To Ignore The Fact That I’m So Afraid That My Husband Will Cheat Again?

By: Katie Lersch: Sometimes, you really wish that you could just quiet all of the voices in your head after your husband’s affair. You wish that you could shut up the voice that ask you how you could have missed the signs. You wish that you didn’t hear the voice that asks you how you […]

I Can’t Stand The Pity From My Friends After My Husband’s Affair

By: Katie Lerch:  One of the worst things about the time period after learning about an affair is the fact that the process can change the way that you see yourself.  If this isn’t bad enough, you can perceive that it can also change the way that others see you.  A wife might perceive that […]

Does The No Contact Rule Work After An Affair? If So, How?

By: Katie Lersch:  I sometimes get correspondence asking me about the “no contact rule” after a spouse cheats or has an affair.  People want to know if, and how, it works.  It’s important to note that often, people are talking about two different things when they discuss no contact. No Contact As It Relates To […]

I Hate The Other Woman So Much That It Is Affecting My Every Day Life And My Family

By: Katie Lersch:  It would be ideal if the other woman in the affair would just fade into the wood work and allow you to move on with your life.  It would be wonderful if she would be gracious enough to leave you and your husband alone so that you can try to clean up […]

Why Do Some Marriages Get Over An Affair More Quickly Than Others?

By: Katie Lersch:  It’s normal to analyze your marriage after your spouse has an affair.  We scrutinize it to determine what went wrong. And we go over it with a fine tooth comb to figure out if recovery is possible.  To that end, we often end up comparing our marriage to the marriages of our […]

I Feel So Unsure After My Husband’s Affair

By: Katie Lersch:  It’s amazing how one event in your life can knock everything else out of kilter.  Something that has nothing whatsoever to do with your work or your friends can affect both.  Few things knock your world off its axis quite like your spouse having an affair.  Few things can make you doubt […]

After My Husband Had An Affair, He Doesn’t Make Time For Me

By: Katie Lersch:  Husbands who are caught in an affair will often make many promises in order to entice their wives not to leave them or to end the marriage.  To that end, many husbands will promise that if the wife gives him a chance, she will not be sorry.  Many wives think about this […]

My Husband Says He Feels A Passion For His Mistress That He Doesn’t Feel With Me

by: katie lersch:  I recently heard from a wife who was trying to get her husband to leave his mistress.  On the one hand, the husband was insisting that he still loved his wife and wanted to save the marriage.   But on the other hand,  he refused to leave the other woman.  He just wasn’t […]

If My Husband Is Sorry For His Cheating, Does This Mean He Won’t Cheat Again?

By: Katie Lersch: I sometimes hear from wives who are trying very hard to save their marriage or move on after their husband’s affair. One thing that stands in the way of true healing is the worry that he will cheat again. So many wives are searching high and low for signs that offer some […]

My Husband Stayed After The Affair, But I Worry That He Still Thinks About Her

By: Katie Lersch:  If you are a wife who is open to saving her marriage after an affair, there’s no question that having your husband end the affair, stay home, and commit to working on your marriage is, at least technically, a “win.”  Sure, it may not feel like a great victory at the time.  […]

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