Our Relationship Is So Different After My Husband’s Affair. Will It Ever Be The Same Again?

By: Katie Lersch: Wives can feel as if they have lost many things after their husband’s affair.  Often you feel as if you’ve lost a little bit of your self esteem, your confidence in your marriage and your husband, and your belief that you are perceptive enough to know what’s going on.  Another loss that […]

Infidelity In Young Couples. Why Does It Happen?

Most people have the perception that affairs happen in midlife (or at least when the couple have been married for some time – as in the “seven year itch.”)  Still, I do hear from people who are young, who are dealing with infidelity, and who had only been married for a short time.  They are […]

My Husband Claims He Didn’t Have An Affair, But He Certainly Seems Remorseful Anyway. Why?

Some wives are sure that their husband is cheating.  They are so sure of this that they can picture his reaction when confronted.  However, the confrontation does not always go as planned.  Some husbands will strongly deny that they are having an affair.  They will tell you to produce proof because they claim to know […]

Trying To Get Your Husband To End His Affair Or Choose You Over The Other Woman? These Tips Might Help

In a perfect world, as soon as you found out about your husband’s affair, he would fall over himself apologizing and outlining how he was going to banish the other woman from his life. He would make promises to make this up to you, regain your trust, and ultimately to save your marriage. This isn’t […]

Why Didn’t He Just Leave Me When He Wanted To Cheat?

Sometimes, wives are at a loss as to why their husband cheated while still married to them. They are adamant that if he was unhappy and wanted to be with someone else, they would have given him a divorce. That way, he wouldn’t have needed to lie and to be so deceitful. Of course, this […]

Infidelity And Narcissism: Is There A Connection? Can It Be Overcome?

By: Katie Lersch: Some of the wives that I hear from who are dealing with cheating husbands will also tell you that their husband is a narcissist. They’ll tell you that he cares about his own needs more than anything else and that he feels entitled to get what he wants at the expense of […]

My Husband Gets Mad When I Laugh About His Affair

People often assume that the wife on the other side of the affair feels only painful emotions like sadness, fear, and anger.  Would it surprise you to know that some women actually laugh sometimes after the affair has been found out?  It seems odd, I know.  But some wives just can’t help but laugh at […]

Should I Be Not So Accommodating And Desperate After My Affair So My Spouse Will Forgive Me

Most of the people who I hear from are upset because their spouse has been cheating and they aren’t sure how to move forward in a healthy way. Sometimes, though, I hear from the person who cheated. They too want to move forward in a healthy way, but their spouse is often very reluctant to […]

When Is The Affair Bubble Going To Burst? When Will My Husband See This For What It Is?

By: Katie Lersch:  Many people describe the fog that people walk around in while having in an affair as an “affair bubble.”  It’s described as a bubble because if you’ve ever been around someone who is actively having an affair, you’ll see that some of them have an existence where they are separated from real […]

Staying Together For The Kids With A Spouse Who Is A Repeat Or Serial Cheater: Should You?

By: Katie Lersch:  I suspect that many wives who choose to stay after an affair are at least somewhat influenced by the impact that a divorce would have on their children.  I know that this was the case for me and many friends, acquaintances, and people who I hear from on my blog.   When […]

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