Why Is My Spouse Being So Mean To Me After Cheating?

By: Katie Lersch: I sometimes hear from spouses who are so upset that their cheating spouse is not only not showing remorse and guilt, they are being downright hateful and mean. This can leave the faithful spouse wondering what they have done to deserve this kind of treatment, especially since they weren’t the one who […]

Why Would My Cheating Husband Want To Stay With Me?

By: Katie Lersch: I sometimes hear from wives who doubt the sincerity of what their husband is saying after he cheated or had an affair. This can especially be true when the husband is insisting that he wants to stay in or save the marriage when his previous actions have completely contradicted his claims. The […]

Why Men Lie About The Affair When They’re Trying To Repair Their Marriage

by: katie lersch: Many women who are dealing with a husband’s affair will tell you that the lying is one of the biggest issues to overcome. Processing the lies that he told you while the affair was going on can be extremely difficult. But dealing with his continued lies when the affair is out in […]

What Percentage Of Couples Get Back Together After Someone Cheats?

If you are someone who is reconsidering the state of your marriage after a long term break that came after an affair, you might find that many of the statistics out there relate to couples that never separated in the first place.  Most of the statistics represent couples who struggled after an affair but who […]

He Cheated But I Miss Him

I sometimes hear from wives who are somewhat angry that they miss their unfaithful husband.  Many of them have kicked him out of the home.  They felt justified in doing this and they thought that taking this type of decisive action might give them some relief.  But, much to their surprise and disappointment, they find […]

My Husband Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With Me After He Has Ended His Affair. Why?

By: Katie Lersch: Sex after an affair is one of the most common topics that is brought up by people who read my blog.   There can be a lot of awkwardness, confusion, and questions about resuming your sex life after one spouse has been unfaithful.  And, there’s a lot at stake here because when […]

Is An Affair Ever Really Over?

Sometimes, I hear from wives (and occasionally husbands too) who tell me that, no matter what, they don’t feel as if the betrayal from the affair will ever be over.  Both the person who cheated and the person who was cheated on can come to think the affair is never really going to be over […]

Should You Do Anything To Acknowledge The One Year Anniversary Of A Husband’s Affair?

Most wives are well aware of how much time has passed since they discovered their husband’s affair. Some will tell you that the time has passed quickly. Others will tell you that the time was so slow that it dragged. Some days, it feels like a little bit of both. However, because the wives are […]

I Really Think That The Affair Is Over.  Am I Naive?

If you are a faithful spouse who is still at least somewhat open to trying save your marriage, one of your biggest concerns will often be whether or not the affair is actually over.  Sometimes, the cheating spouse will hesitate or delay in breaking it off.  Or, he will break it off immediately, but the […]

Why Is My Husband So Defensive After His Affair? What Can I Do About It?

By: Katie Lersch: I often hear from wives who are having trouble figuring out their husband’s odd or troublesome behavior after his affair. One common example of this is defensiveness. Many wives notice their husband acting particularly defensive to any question, comment, or remark. I recently heard from a wife who said “no matter what […]

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