Is An Affair Ever Really Over?

Sometimes, I hear from wives (and occasionally husbands too) who tell me that, no matter what, they don’t feel as if the betrayal from the affair will ever be over.  Both the person who cheated and the person who was cheated on can come to think the affair is never really going to be over […]

Is Infidelity On The Rise?  Is There An Epidemic?  If So, Why?

I sometimes hear from women who are reeling from their spouse’s affair, but who are not alone. Many know other wives, friends, or family members who are also going through this.  Another generation ago, it might be rare to hear about infidelity, but today, it seems that we all know several folks who have dealt […]

My Husband Doesn’t Understand How His Affair Affected Me

by: katie lersch: I often hear from wives who are struggling to make their husbands understand just how devastating and far reaching his affair truly was. Many wives struggle with making their husband understand that moving on or getting over the affair is going to take far longer (and much more work) than the husband […]

How Long Should It Take To Let Go Of An Affair? Why Can’t My Spouse Let Go?

The time frame for letting go of an affair is a concern that I hear from people on both sides of the issue. For example, I sometimes hear from the spouse who was cheated on. Sometimes, they can’t help but notice that the spouse who cheated appears not to have totally “let go” of the […]

How Does A Married Man Feel After You Break Off The Affair?

I sometimes hear from people who knew that it was right to end the affair that they were having.  Most will announce that they are ending things and then they will cut off all contact.  This just seems to be the best way to go about it because it leaves no room for confusion and […]

Can I Ever Respect My Husband Again After He Had An Affair?

by katie lersch:  I often hear from wives who are struggling with many issues after their husband’s affair.  One very common issue is that of respect.  Since husbands lie and cheat while they are unfaithful, it can be hard to respect someone who has shown these attributes. I recently heard from a wife who said, […]

My Husband’s Affair Partner (The Other Woman) Is Getting Divorced And This Worries Me

Sometimes, you intuitively know that if you are trying to recover from an affair, you really need to worry about your own marriage (and yourself) more than anything else.  However, this can be easier said than done.  This is especially true if the other person in the affair ends their marriage.  This leaves the wife […]

How Do You Find Happiness After Your Husband’s Affair?

By: Katie Lersch: I sometimes hear from wives who wonder if they are ever going to feel truly happy again after their husband cheated or had an affair.  Understandably so, finding out about the affair has been almost life changing and has changed their outlook on life. Common comments are things like: “will I ever […]

Affair Recovery And The 7 Stages Of Grief

It’s very common to hear from people who are worried that they are not healing from their spouse’s affair as they believe that they are supposed to.  Part of the problem is that people have their own ideas about how they should heal.  But on top of this, others are usually not shy about telling […]

How Do I Know That My Husband Is Sincere In Wanting To Save Our Marriage After His Affair?

By: Katie Lersch:  I sometimes hear from wives who admit that their husband is seemingly doing and saying the right things after his affair. Even so, the wives often have a nagging little feeling that they just can’t shake which is asking them if their husband is really sincere about everything that he says. Often, […]

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