I Can’t Stop Texting The Other Woman To Make Her Feel Bad About Cheating With My Husband. And She Won’t Leave Me Alone Either

By: Katie Lersch:  Back before there was all of this technology, none of us would have known what a “Facebook war” or a “texting war” was.  But when you find out that your husband has had an affair and you unleash your wrath on the other woman or mistress, you sometimes wish that you had […]

My Husband Is Very Angry With Himself For Having An Affair, But His Anger Affects Everyone.

By: Katie Lersch:  Many husbands who are caught having an affair will exhibit some anger.  Many actually turn their anger on their wives.  They are embarrassed and humiliated by being caught and so they will act and indignant and lash out.  However, some husbands will go to the other extreme – they will be angry, […]

My Husband Finally Admitted His Affair Was A Mistake, But He Seems To Think This Should Be The End Of It

By: Katie Lersch: It’s not unusual for a husband to severely downplay his cheating once he is caught. He may try to act like it is not a huge deal. He may try to act as if it is justified. And he may posture and act indignant and aloof, in the hopes that you will […]

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